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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Better Together

The clock read 8:23, and I really should get in the shower to get ready for my lunch date, but I found myself looking through a bunch of pictures and a smile has been planted permanently on my face.  So, I thought I’d share these memories with you which bring me joy.

                       This, is why he stole my heart…

2010-10-20 17.04.51
He is goofy.  When I say goofy, I mean complete goof ball.  I made this cape for a friend’s daughter for Halloween and asked if he would try it on so I could see how it looked, and of course he had to pose and proceed to act like he was a super hero.  I heart this about him!

2010-10-16 16.14.332010-10-03 13.41.46

2010-10-23 11.47.43
He is amazing with kids.  When he is around them, his face lights up and they always become so attached to him.  He will be an amazing father one day and I can’t wait!

2010-10-15 14.53.542010-10-17 11.56.212010-11-09 07.32.122010-11-11 07.49.5044620_10150263538835235_603670234_14565058_6333381_n
As you all know, our dogs are pretty much little humans { he always yells at me when I say they are little humans, but hey! They are! }.  They are spoiled, always with us where ever we go and bring us so much joy.  Don’t let him fool you, he cuddles with them, plays with them (a lot) and baby talks to them.  This, melts my heart.

3196_188622680234_603670234_6672884_788654_nDSCN0510DSCN0654pumpkinmy loveErienneJeremy038

This man, makes me laugh { all the time }, he is patient, doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, loving and he makes me a better person every single day! I truly am so blessed and such a lucky woman.   

December 12th can not get here soon enough!

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