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Monday, November 8, 2010

Trying To Reach Perfection

The sound of the alarm goes off, sun begins to pour through the windows and he kisses me good morning. Time to get up and start your busy day! I head downstairs to feed the dogs and start the coffee while tiding up the mess my boy’s left the night before in our kitchen. While doing all of this, I plan my day in my head.

Play Time

Cup o Joe

Lately, my days have been hectic and very busy as I have been preparing for our consultation with Tori Spelling and Dean! I have started many projects, and some may say I take on more than I can handle. ( I do this often, and have been called “over ambitious” at times ) You see, I am a perfectionist when it comes to tasks at hand and projects I have set for myself. This is a characteristic trait I have, oh so happily, received from my mother.

As I have grown up, especially these last few years, I have noticed a lot of my mother in me and have reflected on my childhood greatly. Just the other day I was working on my projects while trying to clean, get dinner ready and do laundry and I suddenly realized what my mother had to of gone through. I laughed out loud, “How did she do it?” I respect her so much more today than I ever have, and I respected her before my epiphany! I know I will eventually get it all right, and be able to move throughout my days with ease knowing I was able to please everyone, along with myself, all the while being able to accomplish all tasks set for that day. What a learning process this all is.

You see, I am not only a perfectionist but a big fan of people pleasing. (Another characteristic people tell me I have and need to throw away) I dis-agree with the notion of it being a bad thing, but sometimes find myself being pulled in a thousand different directions; this is something I do to myself honestly. I set too high of standards of myself when it comes to being the perfect friend, sister, fiancĂ©e (soon to be WIFE) and my own worst critic. And when I am unable to obtain everyone else’s needs, along with my own, I feel almost like a failure. I know time will fix this, and I will be able to get everything done right down to folding that last sock and placing it in its drawer. But, for now I need to take it one step at a time so I can reach perfection.


  1. Clean careful work helps get you to the outcome desired to achieve perfection in a project. Keep in mind a craft constructed by hand needs its' flaws to be one of a kind. You are not a machine but a human being. I have learned this thanks to my children who found what I created perfect to them because of the love and care put in the project.

  2. Better to be an overachiever than an underachiever right?! :-)
    I've found that my overall goal, along with trying to get everything done that I want to, is to find a way to be happy in the realization that I cannot do everything. There is simply too many good ideas, too many priorities, too many great things to do with your time... I have to just pick a couple.
    Take some time to breath girl :-)!!

  3. Thank you! I know this to be true also, but I can never shake the fact that I can not do everything I wish to do and be superwoman at the same time! But, this is truly something I need to work on. I put way too much on my plate sometimes. ;)