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Friday, November 12, 2010

Gracious Gratitude

I have been slacking with my blog updates for the past few days, but I have great reasoning for this!  The past few days, weeks really, have been extremely busy for Jeremy and I with trying to get everything together for our first consultation with Tori Spelling & Dean!  I believe I may have drove Jeremy crazy there for a minute with always being upstairs at this computer working on our vision book, having my glue gun constantly in my hand and a paint brush next me at all times.  See, as I have stated in previous blogs, when it comes to creating I am a perfectionist! 

Here’s a quick over view in pictures of my fabulous thank you gift I put together for the both of them!


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This is the vintage media collage I made!

-I found a picture I knew would have a lot of meaning to the both of them, (this picture is from the day they renewed their wedding vows), I then printed it in sepia and distressed it with sand paper to make it look worn.


-The canvas was purchased at Michael’s.  I painted the canvas with acrylic paint and distressed it as well with sand paper.


-The letters were purchased at Michael’s as well.  I painted them with wood gloss paint, (white and blue), popped them in the oven for thirty minutes and again, I distressed them with sand paper!


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Making The Gift Basket!

-Fun With Magnets (Note:Top left photo) I made these fun magnets for their two children, Liam and Stella, with half clear marbles.  This project is very easy and a lot of fun! 

-I also made up a bunch of my home made chocolate covered pretzels which I then put into a mason jar, I LOVE MASON JARS!, and sealed it off with a printed fabric!

-The letters were cut out of my Cricut Machine, every crafter needs one of these!, and assembled with zots to make them pop off the basket. 

-Additional touches were added with fabric flowers and pearls to finish the basket.

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Putting It All Together!

- The basket was purchased at, you guessed it, Michale’s! 50% off!

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Shabby Chic Card!

-Again, I used my Cricut to make this adorable card!

So, There it is!  What a wonderful experience Jeremy and I had Tuesday!  I can not put in words how amazing the day went.  Tori and Dean were great, and the ideas they gave us for our wedding were simply perfect! 

This day will for sure go down as the best day yet for me, besides the day Jeremy asked me to marry him of course!, and I can NOT wait until’ we say, “I do”. 

I will be updating very soon more details of our wedding and the best is yet to come!  I hope you enjoyed my crafty gift basket I worked so hard on!

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