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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Circle of Love

The sun is shining, there’s a crisp smell which lingers in the air { could it be fall finally? } and my blog was calling my name.

Since my blog post yesterday was so entertaining and long, I decided not to post about our wedding bands.  Jeremy and I went to look for our wedding bands on Sunday { this is what ended our weekend on such a great note } and after looking for FIVE hours at every store in the Glendale Galleria { P.S.  if you’ve never been to this mall, or Glendale for that matter, get your bottom down there!. } 

When we got to Glendale, we first stopped into Helzsberg Diamonds and took a looksee at their rings.  They had the most beautiful diamonds and men's rings I have ever seen!  I tried on a few and went with the idea of wanting a band which my PERFECT solitaire diamond could sit in.  Well, I quickly found out how much that was not my style at all as my ring seemed to become lost with in the band and the simplicity of my solitaire ( 1.3 Carat )  suddenly lost.  So, on to more rings.  The guy suggested I look at a 5 diamond prong setting.  “FIVE diamonds, oh that is just too much for me.  I really want it to be simply, and I don’t need that many diamonds for a wedding band.”  I thought aloud.  But, I tried it on anyway.  Magic!  I got all chocked up when I looked down at my tiny finger and these two beautiful rings which mean forever.  How could something so materialistic make one so emotional?  This was it, I knew it!  And, when I looked up at Jeremy he smiled.  {  It was a bit too much for our budget I thought, but he insisted to the guy to put it aside for me. } I couldn’t stop smiling! 

On to Jeremy’s ring!  We walked over to the men’s jewelry case, and goodness they had SO many to look at!  Jeremy stated all he wanted was just a simple band, nothing fancy.  I looked at him like, “What?!  Just a band? That’s it?”  He simply said, “Yep.”  So…. We looked.  And, all of a sudden, we saw this amazing band which held SO  much meaning to us!  I hoped he would ask to look at it when I saw it, and lo and behold, he did!  Again, Magic!  I wanted to cry.  The meaning behind this ring was perfect, and when you look at the photo you will know exactly what I mean! 

Well, we thought { I thought } we had found our rings at our very first store.  Magic was at Helzsberg Diamonds!  But, all of a sudden Jeremy pulled me aside before we made our enormous purchase and told me he wanted to look at every single jewelry place just to make sure these rings were the one.  I thought to myself, how could they not be the one?  I became so emotional when I put mine on and when he tried his one!  But, alrighty!  So this is exactly what we did.  We spent FIVE hours Sunday looking at all of the possibilities and prices of rings, but don’t be fooled… when it was all said and done we looked at each other and said, “Helzsberg”.  Ha Ha! 

                          So without any further ado! 
                                      Our Rings!

his ringJeremy’s ring says, “Hope, God and Love” all the way around it! Love.Love.Love it!

my ringMy ring is just PERFECT.

So, there you have it!  We say, “I Do”  in three weeks!  Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?  I am getting butterflies just thinking about it.  All of my childhood dreams are finally coming true, and this man; is perfectly amazing.  He loves me for me, will always be there during my toughest times and knows how to make me smile when all I want to do is cry.  We are two peas in a pod, and I hope we will always make people sick with our sappy lovey doviness.


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