Shabby Miss Jenn

Hi, I am Erienne Rene Scarbury and that is my little family!
 I am so excited you found my site!

I am a new wife {i married my best friend on December 12th, 2010 and I still get butterflies evertime I go back to that day} A mother to two dogs {my little humans}
I am someone who loves to live in the moment, and am very spontanious {we only have one life, right?}

I've been told I live life through rose colored glasses {why not- it makes it that much prettier!} I am obsessed with anything vintage, my glue gun, chic, classy, elegant and oh so FABULOUS and I believe when you look good-you feel good!

If you ask any of my girlfriends they will be the first to tell you I am the girliest of any girl {what can I say, I love pink, fingernail polish, anything that sparkles and pretty things}

I am a caregiver at heart and find myself often times getting myself into trouble with worrying about how everyone else is doing {i'm ok with that} and I tend to put others before myself often {working on this}

Here at my blog, you will find my daily ramblings, people who inspire me and journey along with me as I take on this GRAND new venture in my life {Chateau Le Chic that is!}

Chateau Le Chic will be at L.A. Fashion Week on the RUNWAY March 14th { i hope you follow along & please enjoy!}